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Thank you for visiting my website!

I am an independent children's author who began self-publishing in 2022. My debut novel, The Headless Archer, has received fantastic reviews from the children who have discovered it. I hope to write and publish more Lelandis Adventures in the near future.

I also enjoy writing and illustrating books for younger children. My first picture book, The Story of Big Keith, was actually completed in 2010 and formatted as a presentation for use by school nurses in the south of England who taught children to about dental hygiene. I rediscovered the story in 2022 and decided to publish it.

If you decide to order any of my books, thank you, and I hope you enjoy them. I’m not a celebrity, nor do I have a large following on social media. In fact, I blew my marketing budget on a selfie stick to take the slightly awkward photos for this website (when I try to smile, it looks like I need urgent medical care).


I’ve had to create everything from this website to the cover art for my books. So if you do enjoy my work, please tell everyone you know about me. My biggest marketing tool is word of mouth.

Kind regards,

(This isn’t my real signature, so don’t get any ideas).

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the headless archer

Cover Art 3 Kindle.png

Lily and Oliver arrive at their Auntie’s home expecting a boring start to their summer holiday, but her old house has hidden secrets. Somehow it is connected to the recent disappearance of a school group in a nearby wood – a wood said to be haunted by the Headless Archer.


The twins make friends with Colin, and by following clues and solving riddles, the trio discovers more than they ever imagined. The lost teachers and students are alive but in a dangerous place far beyond Earth. Can Lily, Oliver and Colin rescue them before it is too late?


The Headless Archer cleverly intertwines our world with a world of myth and legend. It is a gripping fantasy filled with humour, friendship and adventure. The story will entertain children and their parents alike.

78,324 WORDS
239 Pages

the story of big keith

The Story of Big Keith Cover Art FRONT.jpg
AGES 3-6
32 Pages

Big Keith was never taught how to keep his teeth clean and healthy. His teeth were rotting, his breath was smelly and his gums were sore.


Keith was becoming very sad, so he decided to visit his dentist. With the dentist’s help, Keith soon learns all about good dental hygiene.


The Story of Big Keith is a wonderfully funny poem that will have kids laughing and learning. It was written and illustrated in 2010, and was originally formatted as a presentation for use by school nurses in the south of England to teach 4-6 year olds about dental hygiene.


Big Keith was rediscovered in 2022 and published as a book.

buccaneers with macaroons

Cover Art Single Page.png

Buccaneers with Macaroons is a wonderfully illustrated poem with clever wordplay and fabulous monsters.

Look at the words that you just read.
Head on your stand – stand on your head.
The round way wrong – the wrong way round.
What are these words that we’ve just found?

Discover kangarees in dungaroos, unicoats in petticorns, antelites with satelopes, and more!

AGES 3-6
32 Pages

Thank you!

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I was born and raised in the UK but lived in New Zealand from 2011 to 2020, where I ran a successful fitness business.

In 2020, I moved back to the UK with my family, only weeks before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I quickly needed to become a stay-at-home dad to our two boys. Early in the morning and late at night, I started to write, hoping to achieve a lifetime goal of producing a children’s book. The result is The Headless Archer.

I have always had a silly sense of humour, a love of the outdoors and a curious mind. I studied Ancient and Medieval History at University and have continued to read history books since. I particularly enjoy historical accounts of adventures and exploration, and I also love mythology and folklore. If you read The Headless Archer, you’ll see how this has influenced my storytelling.

From a young age, I have enjoyed drawing silly doodles. I'm also known to make up silly songs with catchy rhymes when I'm in the kitchen. I recently decided to combine these two 'talents' by writing and illustrating books for younger children.

Beyond writing, I enjoy exercising, making jams, growing courgettes, playing with my boys and taking pretentious website selfies on my staircase whilst my wife laughs at me (see photo).


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